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Miss Coco standard bed stool

■ Unique diamond pattern
The classic diamond pattern is outlined by interlaced stitches. The backrests on both sides are cut diagonally, which looks like flying wings from a distance, revealing the natural, neat, independent and confident inner temperament of women in the new era.

■ Fine touch superfine matte leather
The fiber density of the superfine nubuck leather is higher than that of the genuine leather. After being sanded by the buffing machine, it will produce a plush feeling, but it retains the softness of the genuine leather and has a delicate touch.

■ Environmentally friendly plate, safe and healthy
The E0 grade environment-friendly board is used, which does not contain toxic substances, rejects formaldehyde, reduces indoor pollution, and gives you and your family real health. It is waterproof, scratch resistant and rigid, and does not deform.