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SoftGel Thermostatic gel Pillow Wave Curve

■ SoftGel thermostatic gel layer
SoftGel, a gel with excellent fitting ability, can cool and dissipate heat, effectively reduce skin temperature by 3.0-4.0 ℃, accelerate blood circulation during sleep, and improve skin metabolism.

■ Gravity sensing pressure relief memory cotton
Gravity sensing memory cotton can effectively cushion and release pressure, fit to support the neck curve, fill the gap between the shoulder and neck, achieve a sense of pressure free sleep like suspension through multi-directional independent support, improve sleep quality, and protect the cervical spine from damage.

■ Hyperbolic pillow core design
The hyperbolic pillow core design makes the support force even. During sleep, the cervical vertebra is properly pulled. By keeping the neck in a fit state, it is conducive to smooth breathing, so as to improve the quality of sleep.