Qixi luxury brand opened the door of wealth, and bedding industry ignited the business with only one "IP" missing




This“ Heart” How sweet is it? Did Dior come to rub hot spots< br /> Annual“ Heart” The marketing competition has started strongly. Dior is still the largest player; Heart” As the core, launch“ Heart” The limited edition handbag with shape embroidery has launched WeChat applet and invited Angelababy, Wang Likun, Jingtian, Wang Ziwen and other traffic figures to shoot small videos for the handbag. Then, MK, Valentino, Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Chloe, Fendi and other luxury brands joined the camp one after another, felt the pulse of fans' love, and launched“ Heart” The limited quantity products designed in the shape also invite the fresh meat IP Wu Yifan, Zhang Yixing, Yang Yang and Yang Ying to bombard in turn, and then emerge various tricks such as flash, virus marketing, which seems to be an organized and premeditated attempt to; Heart” Rub the bottom to the sky< br /> The marketing tactics of the big brands can always give us some inspiration: this massive offensive indicates that the current super IP marketing is hot. Today's brands have long recognized that simple advertising cannot touch the hearts of young people. Only by deeply cultivating content and skillfully combining it with IP, can chemical reactions occur and consumers and brands have a strong relationship. And the Qixi“ Heart” Form is a highly recognizable and recognizable IP business symbol. For consumers, it means identity, and for brands, it means their own traffic

The extravagant brand is getting worse“ Heart”, The happier PerDormire is

On“ Heart” A self contained super“ Heart” PerDormie, the Italian original bedding brand of IP, will be launched in China soon. The "new species" of the home furnishing industry, Watson House, together with Italian MATERASSIFICIO MONTALESE S.P.A (Italian Montales Group), introduced PerDormie (Putomia), a sharp tool for attracting gold from bedding, which was absent from China< br /> PerDormire, once the leading bedding brand in Italy in terms of sales volume, has not only enjoyed a long reputation in the home furnishing industry at home and abroad, but also has its own place in the art industry, design circle and social media, and has been a guest of honor at Milan Exhibition for 15 consecutive years; Heart” Form has conquered more than 40 countries on 5 continents, with its own temperature and topics. From celebrities to the general public, it has been conquered and extremely popular

It's hard to imagine that in the bedding category with low attention, PerDormire's“ Heart” The form has spread to all major international social media: the online celebrity on Instagram can't put it down, and the family on Facebook can share it with others; Heart” Express your happiness. The blogger on Pinterest uploads it with“ Heart” To show your happiness

PerDormire on“ Heart” IP gives the warmest meaning and carves it into the hearts of the public to create emotional resonance. As the Qixi Festival approaches, all major brands are doing their best“ Heart” IP marketing seems to be giving PerDormie“ Heart” IP is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people

PerDormire Super“ Heart” IP, cross-border integration, pulsating market

Without the logo, you can't recognize the brand bedding industry. PerDormie comes with a super“ Heart” IP, no doubt, is a thunderclap on the flat ground, which makes the silent bedding industry ripples one circle after another, attracts consumers' eyes, enters consumers' minds, enables bedding to be included in consumers' general vision and daily discussions, and leads dealers to beat the turbulent cash flow< br /> After entering China, PerDormie will bring super IP, leverage high-end resources from multiple sources, and create cross-border, leveraging, cooperation, energy gathering, online screen level topic voice, use entertainment resources from multiple sources, and cooperate with industry opinion leaders in depth to form“ Hurricane” Type diffusion; Three large-scale annual events were held at the terminal, high-end strategic resources were introduced, and 12 events were held with“ Heart” It is a theme marketing activity, linking the capital strength of the home furnishing industry giants, and creating the best sales opportunities for the terminal

On August 22, PerDormire Super“ Heart” IP is stronger to join hands with Asia's most influential international sailing event“ China Cup” Sailing race, double IP overlay to create a deep experience such as Yufeng deep-sea tour, direct dialogue with high net worth wealth groups, and open up business channels of contacts at all levels. PerDormire“ China Cup” The brand feast invites you to build a road leading to wealth