"Cross border love" of two super IPs: a sea hidden in the "heart"




——PerDormire&China Cup Sailing Race Launching Ceremony&"Heart" IP Release Ceremony Successfully Held


With the increasing competition in the market, the industry has gradually penetrated, and cross-border has become an international trend word. From tradition to modernity, and from the East to the West, the cross-border trend has become increasingly fierce, representing a fusion of cutting-edge life attitudes and aesthetic styles.

On August 22, two super IPs with different industry attributes carried out a breakthrough crossover - PerDormie&China Cup Sailing Race Launching Ceremony&"Heart" IP Release Ceremony was held at the Seven Star Bay Yacht Fair. Ms. Xiao Yu, COO of China Cup Sailing Race, Mr. Wu Wei, Chairman of Huasheng Group, Ms. Liu Fang, Vice President of Huasheng Group, Mr. Elian Perch, Captain of the PerDormire Sail, and dozens of authoritative media attended the sailing ceremony together.

At the launching ceremony, Ms. Xiaoyu, COO of China Cup Sailing Race, and Mr. Wu Wei, Chairman of Huasheng Dajia Group, delivered speeches respectively, describing the opportunity of this cooperation and expressing their expectations for this crossover. Later, Ms. Xiaoyu and Mr. Wu Wei gave each other ship models and love, and together with the captain, Mr. Ellian Perch, opened the flag of PerDormire, which symbolized the signing ceremony. After the media interview, the guests set sail for the PerDormire at sea.

Two IP Crossovers: Focus on High Net Worth Circle

The China Cup Sailing Race was founded in 2007. It was included in the official calendar of the International Sailing Federation in 2010. It has won the "Asia's Best Sailing Race" for five times. Every year, it attracts more than 100 fleets from more than 30 countries to participate. Taking the sailing race as a stage, integrating multiple elements, promoting a free and healthy lifestyle, attracting people with high net worth, and becoming an advocate of noble circle culture, the China Cup Sailing Race has been going through 12 years of trials and hardships to the world. It has become one of the super IPs of China's sports events, and also "an example and benchmark of China's noble life attitude".

PerDormie, founded by CASO family, belongs to MATERASSIFICIO MONTALESE S.P.A., headquartered in Florence, the capital of art. Since its establishment, PerDormie has become a successful model in the industry with MADE IN ITALY's production technology, innovation spirit, professional technology and sleep technology. "Heart" has always been the super IP representing PerDormire. After half a century of development, PerDormire has conquered more than 40 countries in Europe, Asia, America and Africa with the "heart" IP. From celebrities to the general public, all of them have been conquered and become extremely popular.

When asked about the strategic consideration of introducing PerDormire into China, Mr. Wu Wei, Chairman of Watson Group, said that, "The Italian household brand is famous around the world for its exquisite design and exquisite workmanship, and has always been regarded as a symbol of quality and taste. PerDormire is the representative of the pure Italian bedding brand. The introduction of PerDormire meets the supply gap brought about by domestic consumption upgrading, and provides bedding products that meet the requirements of personalized aesthetics and high quality."

High quality and high taste attract high net worth circles, which is the common ground between PerDormire and China Cup Regatta, and also the opportunity for cooperation. Focus on high net worth people through cross-border, and spread the free and healthy life concept, high quality and aesthetic taste farther and wider. As President Xiaozong of China Cup said, "The resonance and strategic vision reached between the two brands make us look forward to PerDormire and China Cup sailing together to achieve a better life."

Dedication and endless life: the heart of wealth IP sets sail

The theme of this sailing ceremony is "living with heart". "One mind, never stop". Here, "heart" refers to the original heart that is unchanged, but also warm love; It represents both the ambition to conquer the sea and the ingenuity in details.

For the China Cup, "heart" means the original heart that has remained unchanged for 12 years. Mr. Xiao Yu, COO of China Cup Sailing Regatta, has a lot of feelings about this: "Twelve years ago, in China, where the perception of sailing ships was almost in the desert, I had the idea to promote the free, brave and healthy lifestyle of sailing ships. Now, 12 years later, my original intention has not changed, and I have been guarding this original intention. This is the love of sailing ships, and also begins with the love of this lifestyle. This lifestyle is similar to the Italian romance The free and relaxed lifestyle is the same. As for the sailing race itself, each session is a "freshman", and each session starts from the "heart", which is also a new start. "

"Heart" is the unique brand imprint of PerDormire, which is full of temperature and care, and conveys the brand concept of warmth and care to consumers. In foreign countries, PerDormire's "heart" has spread all over social media and has become a super IP. Now, PerDormire has entered China, and "Xinsheng" means that brands can become popular and keep growing in China.

IP is an intangible asset of a brand, which is a very effective means to build commercial barriers and has great commercial value. PerDormie, with its own "heart" IP, not only has an imprint, but also carries the brand's lasting imagination space in the minds of consumers, as well as the stories and emotions related to it, which enables PerDormie to take the lead in the bedding market.

First "Sailing" Bedding Series: Practice a Healthy Blue Lifestyle

Now, with the upgrading of consumption concept, the era of using logo to show identity seems to be gone forever. People no longer only buy expensive or luxury goods, but want to get a better lifestyle.

During the launching ceremony, PerDormire launched the customized limited edition "Sailing" series bedding, which is a series of products for the brave, free and blue marine lifestyle. The "Sailing" bedding series is inspired by the magnificent sailing scene on the sea. The blue represents the sea, and the gold signifies a line between the sea and the sky. The layers of materials are like undulating waves, conveying the noble attitude of rushing forward and fighting against the sky.

This series will also be used on the Yufeng 1, the largest super yacht in Asia. "Regal 1" is a catamaran super yacht designed, developed and manufactured by Chinese people under the impetus of the China Cup. The "Sailing" bedding series, specially designed for noble circles, is a "Xinsheng" school that dares to explore the fun of life and unlimited possibilities. It always releases freedom and romance, constantly breaks through itself, transforms and grows, and lives endlessly.