IP enabling, the bedding world "heart IP" comes




For foreign brands that want to enter China's home furnishing market, the trillion level consumer market is obviously full of temptations, but there are many large and small brands in China, and more new brands emerge in endlessly. How can new brands achieve curve overtaking? In the 24th China International Furniture Exhibition, Italian "Xinshengpai" bedding brand PerDormire (Putomia) brought some new playing methods

On September 11, the 24th China International Furniture Exhibition opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center. In the International Brand Pavilion, PerDormie, an Italian bedding brand just returned from Milan Exhibition in April, made an amazing appearance, continuing the cool black light luxury tone of Milan Exhibition, presenting the beauty of Italian bedding design, and taking the lead in leading the industry to launch the brand IP strategy. With a warm heart, it lit up the entire venue and captured the attention of most people.

Milan Exhibition returns with honor, Italy PerDormie arrives in China

Although it has been absent from China for a long time, PerDormie is a household name in Italy and even in Europe. Its sales volume ranks first in the Italian market, and it has stores in more than 40 developed countries on five continents, playing an important role in the market. This year, the "new species" of China's home furnishing industry, Watson Group, was introduced to China. The debut of this Shanghai exhibition also means that PerDormire's strategy of entering China was launched simultaneously.
PerDormie is a new face in Shanghai, China. It has been a regular visitor in Milan, Cologne, Paris and other international furniture exhibitions. In 2018, PerDormie returned with honor, won the 2018 "Europe's Most Investment Value" bedding brand issued by the European authoritative financial analysis agency Cerved, and became the focus of the audience.From Milan Exhibition to Shanghai Exhibition, PerDormire has become the most eye-catching presence with a landmark "heart" wherever it goes. This heart is not only frequently seen in major exhibitions, but also loved by social networks at home and abroad, such as Ins, which has triggered numerous topics. At the moment of the prevalence of IP in China, Watson Home Furnishing Group has taken the opportunity of the times and the pace of consumers to launch PerDormie's "Heart IP" strategy, so as to achieve breakthrough by creating differentiation, cutting and homogenizing the market under the homogeneous Red Sea environment.



IP enabled, Italian designed bedding ignites sleep aesthetics

It is not only a symbol, but also a language. From the brand side to the capital side, IP is no longer just intellectual property, but also the integration of brand and culture, and the connection with consumers. It has become a general trend to endow brands with language symbols that can resonate with users. For example, Disney, as we all know, its unique IP not only realizes the symbolization of the brand, but also realizes great commercial value, showing its strong penetration and appeal in the market.

In contrast, the home furnishing industry should break away from the serious homogenization and quickly lead the peers. The most effective strategy is either to create new categories or to achieve brand differentiation. In the strategy of brand differentiation, with the development of online social media, centralization has been deconstructed. IP empowerment is an effective way to break through. It can increase brand temperature and deepen emotional communication with users. It can be both a powerful tool for brands to break out of tight encirclement and a moat for brands to build their own competitive barriers.
The IP weapon and moat that enable PerDormire is a heart full of warmth and care. PerDormire integrates the care and protection of healthy sleep and the pursuit of a better life into one heart, and it has been delivered to all corners of the world through stores all over the world. In the context of consumption upgrading, bedding is no longer just a functional product, but also an attitude and yearning for life. The brand has become more three-dimensional and personalized. The brand's emotional value has been released through IP symbols, forming a benign interaction between consumers and brands, and successfully capturing the picky new consumer groups."Heart IP" conveys the warmth and love of PerDormie. This time, it has entered China with a full heart. It is not only concerned about sleep, but also about the aesthetics and quality of life. It ignites Italian sleep aesthetics with high-end bedding products.

It is reported that with the launch of PerDormire's Chinese brand "Heart IP" strategy, PerDormire will fully launch the "Heart IP" in-depth implantation from the dimensions of brand communication, marketing activities, terminal sales, product derivatives, etc., with IP as the core, to realize the deep link and mutual transformation of content, marketing, products and scenes, and explore new ideas for the operation of the bedding industry.
In August this year, PerDormire has reached strategic cooperation with the Asia's top sailing event IP China Cup. The two IP giants have joined hands to take the first step of the "heart IP" strategy. In the next China Cup sailing race in November, "PerDormie" will compete in the China Cup. PerDormire will also launch "Sailing Series" customized mattresses in the market to present the royal bedding of the world sailing champion to consumers.

In addition, PerDormie has created a series of "heart IP" derivatives, built a terminal IP consumption scenario, changed the terminal bedding sales from a single dimension product core to a multi-dimensional expansion of product+IP derivatives+social communication, and finally formed a "heart IP" marketing system of self communication, self fermentation and self upgrading.


Capital escort, supported by top home furnishing team

The team that operates PerDormire's "heart IP" strategy is the "new species" of the home furnishing industry, Watson Group. Bringing together industry benchmark figures, from leading the enterprise to achieve a leapfrog growth of 40% average annual growth rate to topping the industry's brand value list, the senior team that has been deeply engaged in the home furnishing industry for decades has been constantly breaking through and subverting, with the mission of becoming the innovation pioneer in the field of large home furnishing, carrying the vanguard banner of traditional industry exploration and transformation, which has been highly expected by the market, and has also become the darling of industry capital, The three major capital giants have entered the market one after another, and shared the huge resources of the capital side. The store resources at the core, the massive shared customer base, the open information platform, the efficient supply chain system, and the unified channel management have escorted every partner of Watson.

The marketing crown brand, IP empowerment, and the support of elite teams have made PerDormie particularly eye-catching since its debut. What surprises PerDormie will bring to us in the future remains to be seen.