Interview with Mr. Wu Wei, General Manager of PerDormire Greater China: promote navigation culture with craftsmanship spirit and China Cup




As a local enterprise in Shenzhen, Watson Home Appliances is holding the China Cup Sailing Race for the first time this year. In fact, Wu Wei, chairman of Huasheng Dajia, has long been interested in the sea. He not only learned sailing by himself, but also let his daughter participate in the China Cup Sailing Summer Camp to get ready for sailing.

The 12th China Cup Regatta is going on like a raging fire. Wu Wei has a full schedule every day and has a lot of activities to attend. He still takes the time to tell us about the cooperation between Watson and China Cup.

China Cup: How did the relationship between Watson and China Cup begin?
Wu Wei: The relationship between Watson House and the China Cup is an opportunity and a necessity: we meet by chance and attract each other by necessity.The cooperation between Watson and the China Cup originates from our resonance with the pursuit of high-quality life and aesthetic taste. From the desert of Chinese people's understanding of sailing, the China Cup has been exploring for 12 years, and now it has grown into a top Asian sailing event, advocating a healthy, free, sunny and exploratory lifestyle. While Watson Home is focused on being the pioneer of innovation in the field of home furnishing, adhering to the same original intention as the China Cup, expanding its territory and exploring in the field of home furnishing, hoping to add beauty and joy to every family, which coincides with the concept of the China Cup. There is an old saying in China: "We gather together with the same morality, and we share the same aspirations.". The common pursuit and common belief have attracted Watson and the China Cup together from different fields, and they will go further together in the future.

China Cup: What do you think of China Cup?
Wu Wei: The "China Cup" in my eyes can be summarized by several key words: ① dream, ② interesting, ③ an event IP.
Dream: Twelve years ago, sailing was an "invisible" and "incomprehensible" sport. The China Cup promoted sailing in China together with marine culture and lifestyle. With such a dream, sailing events have grown step by step. Today, it is a dream chasing process.
Interesting: In the eyes of most people, sailing competition is a "high above" and "out of reach" sport, but the China Cup has turned it into a "high-end, but not high profile" marine carnival. At the same time, sailing events are integrated into the coastal lifestyle: youth summer camp, sailing into the campus, parent-child interaction, etc. In addition to offshore viewing, there are many fun carnivals in the coastal area, which have brought the people closer to the sea. Sailing is no longer a minority sport.
Event IP: China Cup is also an event IP and a very valuable sports event IP: it is the first international sailing event in China's history, and the only international high-end sports event named "China Cup". It is a world-class scarce IP resource. As we all know, the IP era has arrived. This year, Watson has also introduced a "IP" brand in the mattress industry - PerDormie. PerDormie ranks first in sales in Italy. A brand's iconic "heart IP" is particularly popular at home and abroad, in ins and other social networks. This year's China Cup Sailing Race is to cooperate with PerDormire (Putomiya) to build a strong IP event.

China Cup: Why did you choose the cross-border cooperation mode of mattress and sailboat? What is the future brand strategy of Watson Grand Home?
Wu Wei: The mattress and the sailboat seem to have no connection, but they are closely related.
First of all, sleep at night can provide energy and motivation for our continuous activities during the day. Only good sleep can make us in a good state. Especially for sports like sailing, which are full of passion and fight with the wind and waves, good sleep is needed to enable sports. Sleep is static, while exercise is dynamic. Static and soothing sleep can provide continuous energy for dynamic and intense sports. We hope that through the cross-border combination of sleep and sports events, we can let everyone experience the significance of the combination of motion and static.
Secondly, the China Cup Sailing Race is a rare IP in the sports industry, while PerDormie is an IP in the bedding industry. The combination of the two IPs will inevitably create a more dazzling spark. We hope that one tough and one soft will cross the border, complement each other, and jointly explore a new marketing idea. In the future, Watson will still adhere to the multi brand strategy to fully meet the market differences. It will also focus on the innovative concept of "new species", keep pace with the times, keep up with the trend of the times, and meet the constantly updated and iterative consumer demand.

China Cup: Why did Watson Family choose PerDormie as the brand of the first joint sailing competition? Where is the most appropriate place?
Wu Wei: PerDormire (Putomia) is an Italian bedding brand selected by Watson after careful selection around the world. It ranks first in sales in Italy and has a high market share in Europe, not only because it provides people with high-quality sleep solutions, but also because it is a very loving and warm brand, which advocates a healthy lifestyle, Therefore, we have done many public welfare and health related activities in Europe, such as heart disease rescue public welfare activities, and sponsored Italian Basketball League A and other activities. From this point of view, PerDormie is very consistent with the concept of China Cup.
Secondly, PerDormie is also a very active pioneer brand. Like the China Cup, it is high-end but not high profile. It is active in the tide of the times. Network experts, bloggers, and various social media will spontaneously pay attention to and participate in it. It brings its own traffic and topics, which are very scarce IP resources in its industry, and they are particularly consistent in nature.

China Cup: How to interpret PerDormire's "Heart IP"?

Wu Wei: "Heart" symbolizes love. Love has multiple levels - love, kinship, love, protection, etc. PerDormie not only cares about sleep, but also advocates loving others and being loved. This love is a symbol that conveys the most beautiful feelings in people's hearts, which is why PerDormie's "heart" is popular in more than 40 developed countries on five continents. As for love, everyone has his own understanding and endless topics, so the "heart" of love will be a very appealing one, and the natural IP with its own traffic and content is also PerDormire's brand asset. After entering China, we will make full use of this asset, and adopt the IP based approach to build this brand.

China Cup: How can PerDormire contribute to the healthy life of Chinese sailing sports and elite families?

Wu Wei: As a partner of the China Cup Sailing Race, PerDormie will not only cheer for the sailing race, but also form a team to participate in the race. Through the "PerDormie", more people will see the spirit of sailing. In addition, exercise requires good sleep. Only when you sleep well can you ride the wind and waves. As a bedding brand, PerDormie hopes to bring a healthier sleep mode through high-quality sleep solutions, so that athletes and navigation enthusiasts can have more physical strength to meet challenges!

China Cup: What are your expectations for the performance of the team PerDormire in this China Cup sailing competition?
Wu Wei: "PerDormire" has a very strong team, which is composed of several top sailing world champions. I believe that they will be able to show extraordinary strength with professional spirit in the competition these days. We are very much looking forward to "PerDormire" making persistent efforts to win the championship!
China Cup: Is there any plan to add sailing theme to household brands?

Wu Wei: Yes. We can't do this, and we don't need to mention our ingenuity. We have special marine products to spread marine sports and culture. Our stores across the country have set up a navigation section, which includes navigation culture and product introduction. In this way, we can promote navigation to more cities and more people's ordinary lives.

China Cup: What do you understand about the sailing spirit?
Wu Wei: I understand that the spirit of sailing is to coexist with the sea bravely and intelligently. We are not going to conquer the sea, but to adapt to it and explore ways to coexist with it. Human beings cannot conquer nature, but they can get close to it and coexist with it. It takes courage to go to the sea. Getting close to the sea requires wisdom, such as judgment and response to wind and waves, teamwork, etc. In fact, sleep is the same. It doesn't matter to conquer. What you have to do is enjoy it.

I not only learned sailing by myself, but also let my daughter participate in the sailing summer camp. Our country is dominated by inland culture and lacks the spirit of navigation and exploration. In this era, we need to promote this spirit together.