The China Cup of Asia's Top Sailing Race kicked off, and PerDormie, an Italian bedding brand, gave full "heart" support




From November 8 to November 12, the 12th PerDormie&China Cup Regatta was held in Daya Bay, Shenzhen. 121 fleets from more than 30 countries around the world competed fiercely at sea, including some of the world's top sailing champions. As the only royal bedding brand of China Cup Sailing Regatta, PerDormire (Putomia) formed a team to participate in this competition. "PerDormire" set sail to fight for the champion at sea.

The event was jointly created by PerDormie, the Italian bedding brand with the top Asian sailing event "China Cup". With the original intention of pursuing inner freedom, the event set sail from dreams to the sea, guarded the energy of sailors with sleep, and paid tribute to every dream of sailing.

PerDormie, the "heart born school" of bedding industry, helps China Cup

Since its development, China Cup has become the largest sailing event in the Asia Pacific region and the only independent sports brand event named after the "China Cup". It conveys a healthy lifestyle to the world, which does not coincide with PerDormire's healthy and fashionable lifestyle.

One is the cutting-edge sports event at sea, and the other is the fashion darling of bedding industry. When the China Cup met PerDormire, an Italian bedding brand, it gave a different spark.PerDormie, which is deeply involved in the field of sleep, originated in Florence, Italy, and was founded by the CASO family, a craftsmanship family. At present, its stores are spread across more than 40 developed countries in five continents, making it a dream choice for tens of millions of families in Europe. It has dozens of global exclusive patents, and uses high-end quality to protect consumers' sleep.

The brand is designed by Fabio Novembre, an Italian national treasure level art and design master, and has been exhibited in Milan for 15 consecutive years. The quality and appearance are at the top of the industry, caring for every dream of sleep wholeheartedly, and leading the new direction of the industry as a leader.

PerDormire, which has long enjoyed a high reputation in Europe, has visited China this year and worked together with China Cup to create a maritime feast. PerDormire represents a cutting-edge and fashionable sleep style. The exploration and pursuit of quality enable people to get healthy sleep outside the tense environment, just like sailing out to find freedom in the waves; The high-end aesthetic requirements, like those of the industry leader of China Cup Regatta, are intended to lead the industry development.

"PerDormire" became a hot winner in China Cup

In this year's China Cup Sailing Race, the "PerDormire" is expected to be a team led by the world champion Elian Perch and formed by many top sailing champion athletes and Olympic athletes. The team has won the China Cup for two consecutive times, with many achievements, and has been on the podium many times. Its strength cannot be underestimated. The strong return of the sailing race, the fight for dreams, has become the hot spot to win the China Cup.

On the competition field, sailing athletes rely on their superb skills to compete with each other in strength and wisdom. The magnificent sea is full of fierce competition. PerDormie provides energy supply for the athletes through every night's sleep, makes good use of sleep, and radiates sufficient energy to ride the wind and waves together during the day to show their best strength.

World champion sleep, PerDormire is guarded by "heart"

On the sea, the "PerDormire" sails and competes with thousands of sails. On the shore, the "PerDormire Flash Shop" is bustling, integrating fashion, fun, games and sleep. PerDormire has built a different sleep experience hall in the competition area.

Sleep well. A good night's sleep can provide energy and motivation for continuous activities during the day. Especially for the exciting sports like sailing races, which fight against wind and waves, good sleep is needed to enable sports. Sleep is of great significance to sailing. PerDormire helps sailing athletes win the championship with professional sleep.
In the PerDormie flash shop, the sailors tried to sleep on the PerDormie mattress after the competition. PerDormie used professional sleep solutions to give the athletes sufficient rest and more energy to compete in the competition.

PerDormie's iconic "heart IP" has spread throughout the competition area, creating a sea of "hearts". PerDormie's ubiquitous heart shaped symbols, interactive devices and flash games are the most eye-catching presence in the whole stadium, and become a popular place for online celebrities to compete for card punching.

This warm heart is the symbol of PerDormie and also the symbol of love. PerDormie cares not only about people's sleep, but also the most beautiful feelings among people, adding a touch of warmth to the blue ocean dream.
12th PerDormire& The China Cup Sailing Race will last from November 8 to November 12. The fierce sailing competitions will continue to be held every day. Let's wait and see who will win it!