Together with China Cup, Italy PerDormie set off another phenomenal "heart IP" trend




From November 8 to November 12, the sea area of Daya Bay in Shenzhen was crowded with thousands of sails. More than 30 countries and regions around the world, nearly 200 racing boats, and more than 1500 top sailors at home and abroad focused on this area to compete on the sea. The 12th PerDormie China Cup Sailing Competition, a world-renowned sailing event, was staged vigorously.

The five-day event was full of highlights. Super strong fleets gathered and the competition was further upgraded. The "PerDormie" fleet, which had won two consecutive Chinese Cup titles, returned strongly under the leadership of the world champion Elian Perch. With the development of the competition, the Italian imported bedding brand PerDormie "Heart" set sail.

The highlight of this sailing event is not only the competition for the championship and runner up in the schedule, but also the cross-border combination of super "dual IP" in bedding industry and sports industry. This year's China Cup, supported by Italy's No. 1 bedding brand PerDormire (Putomia), is a top event IP in sports industry, a trend IP in bedding industry, and two super IPs with different industry attributes have made a breakthrough crossover, We have jointly created a big IP of heart and sea.

Cross border of the heart, breakthrough convergence of two super IPs
Since its establishment in 2007, China Cup Sailing Race has successfully held 12 sessions in Shenzhen, rapidly becoming the most influential international sailing event in Asia, and has been rated as the "sports IP with the most investment potential" by the well-known media Wall Street News.

PerDormire from the field of sleep is also famous. In 1971, it was founded by CASO family, an Italian handicraft family. The brand was designed by Fabio Novembre, an Italian national treasure designer. It has been on the Milan exhibition for 15 consecutive years. Its quality and appearance are at the peak of the industry. It was awarded the award of "Europe's Most Valuable Brand for Investment" by the European authoritative financial analysis agency Cerved. Its heart IP is popular throughout Europe.

Since ancient times, CP has crossed the border. China Cup and PerDormire have crossed the border in a breakthrough way. It is a resource sharing for high net worth people and an innovative attempt of heart and sea. It not only shows the world the healthy balance between static sleep and dynamic sailing, but also shows the unlimited energy of commercial cooperation.

PerDormie ignites a new Italian sleep experience

At present, the new middle class in China is rising, and consumers are becoming "younger". Many brands are trying to communicate with this new and fastidious consumer group in different ways. PerDormire has established an emotional connection with consumers with a warm heart, crossed the border with the healthy and sunny China Cup Regatta, and tried to approach consumers with such a new and fun way as flash.

On the sea, the big heart-shaped spherical sail of the "PerDormire" stands against the wind and sails into the sea with the heart IP of PerDormire. It also sails towards the new era of the 12th China Cup, injecting warm vitality into this blue fashion feast.

In the coastal area, "PerDormire Flash Store" attracts many sailing athletes, sailing enthusiasts and fashion people in the magnificent sea. The flash experience store built around XinIP, which integrates sleep, interaction and entertainment, ignites a new sleep consumption experience.

Originating from Italy, XinIP is popular in more than 40 developed countries on five continents. It once became a phenomenal IP, and is popular with urban elites and trendsetters. In fact, XinIP is just a symbol and a microcosm of brand care. The reason why it is popular is because of the inherent spirit of the brand.

Under the pressure of contemporary fast-paced life and work, the problem of sleep has become a heart disease for many people. In order to solve this heart disease, PerDormire has developed dozens of global exclusive patents, providing different sleep solutions for everyone, keeping people's physical and mental strength alive during the day, and maintaining a good state of efficiency and vitality throughout the day.

Good sleep is more important for sailing, which especially requires physical strength and judgment. In the sleep experience area of PerDormire flash shop in the shore area, sailboat athletes experienced Italian sleep on the PerDormire mattress after competitions.

The feast of the heart focuses on the elite circle

In addition to the high compatibility in brand spirit, PerDormie and China Cup have come together, and also highly overlap in the group circle. The two major IP cooperation, focusing on the elite circle, has achieved the mutual integration and penetration of cross-border resources.

On the evening of November 11, after a day of fierce sailing competition, PerDormie joined hands with the China Cup to create a gathering feast for elite celebrities for the elite circle:

In Dapeng Suocheng, Shenzhen, PerDormie and the China Cup presented a top fashion sports event - "Blue Ceremony", which paid tribute to the most heroic dream of the sea with its initial heart. International guests, dignitaries, elite celebrities and celebrities gathered together. Chen Peina, the women's windsurfing champion of the 2015 World Sailing Championships and the RS: X-level women's windsurfing runner up of the 2016 Olympic Games, also attended the event. She witnessed the birth of the annual sailing figure with the leaders in various industries. This night was brilliant and dazzling, which was a blessing for the sailing dream.

PerDormire, as the royal bedding brand of China Cup Regatta, is specially designed for elite people to have a healthy sleep. It also brought a generous gift to the ceremony and gave PerDormire Italian sleep to the leaders of the blue ceremony.

The "Heart · Sea Public Welfare Plan" was launched

On the evening of November 11, the "Heart Sea PerDormire Night" was held in Shenzhen Orange Fishing Sarawah Resort Hotel. This night was not only the award ceremony of the event on that day, but also the carnival night exclusive to the PerDormire brand. Sports stars and high-end people came face to face and shared the ceremony. PerDormie pays homage to the dream of knight on the sea with a dream of meaning, and the power of heart endows the sea with the power to resist the wind.

On the night of PerDormire, PerDormire and the China Cup jointly launched the "Heart Sea Public Welfare Plan". The public welfare plan includes youth sailing summer camp, sailing public welfare fund, blue coast trip and other activities. While focusing on high-end fashion lifestyle, the public welfare plan focuses on the sea, pays attention to the marine ecological environment, promotes youth sailing culture and healthy sleep culture, and extends PerDormire's love from sleeping environment to the marine ecological environment to protect the beauty of harmony between man and nature; From sleep solutions to parent-child feelings at sea, it protects the warmth and love between people.

There is love in my heart and the sea. "Love" and "care" are the brand missions PerDormire has always adhered to, not only to protect consumers' sleep with high-end quality, but also to achieve a better life with "heart", making love broader.