Pioneer Design Amazes Milan, PerDormie Comes to Milan Design Week Again




In 2018, the domestic home furnishing industry focused on a red "heart"; In 2019, this red "heart" made the world's home furnishing industry focus again.

This "heart" is the spiritual symbol of PerDormire, the No. 1 bedding brand in Italy.

Attended the global top industry event: Cologne in January, Shenzhen in March, Milan in April

In January 2019, PerDormire, with its iconic red "heart", continued to enter the "World's Largest Furniture Exhibition" in Cologne, Germany, and continued to amaze the world stage with excellent design and refined products.

In March 2019, at the 34th Shenzhen International Furniture Exhibition, PerDormire surprised four people and became a "flow harvester" in the bedding industry.

In April 2019, PerDormire was invited to attend the 58th Milan Design Week in Italy without stopping, and presented the pioneer bedding design with the world famous brands, attracting more than 400000 designers and audience from 181 countries to "worship".

Powered by the international top industry event, PerDormire has captured thousands of fans. In 2019, PerDormire made a voice in the world with the power of design, shocked the industry and became the focus of the industry again.

Milan Design Week: Fashion Vanguard, the "Oscar" of the Design Industry

Milan Design Week, the "Oscar" of the design industry and the "Olympic" grand event of the home furnishing industry, is recognized as the first of the three major furniture exhibitions in the world. This is a stage for design masters to show their talents. It represents the most avant-garde trend of thought in the design field, and it is also a vane leading the global home design.

As a guest of honor at Milan Exhibition, PerDormie, the Italian bedding brand with the largest sales volume, is still invited to attend Milan Design Week this year, presenting the avant-garde concept bedding design to 400000 audiences at Furiosalone Milan National University. Exhibits of superior quality, unimaginable creativity, and almost crazy innovative design... Furiosalone pays more attention to the thought experiment and cultural exploration of designers, and displays not only furniture, but also a new way of life, representing the highest level of home design and cutting-edge fashion around the world, which are sought after by trendsetters.

At the Furiosalone Milan National University Design Exhibition, PerDormie worked with Italian national design master Fabio Novembre to design bedding with the theme of "Once Upon a Time". The 21 meter long red bed, with light, shadow and sound effects, was elegant, dynamic and pleasant, as if entering a dreamlike fairy tale world. The audience stopped here to share time, space and ideas. Each bed screen is taken from the six beds in the "Una Fiaba PerDormire" series designed for PerDormire by Mr. Fabio Novembre: Castello, Principessa, Regina, Abito, Luna and Nuvola. Each piece tells the story of people and sleep in an avant-garde and bold design.

Join hands with Italian national designers to lead the aesthetic trend of sleep

Italians have integrated design into every detail of life. PerDormrie, which has grown up in Florence, the hinterland of the Renaissance, has deeply rooted in the original design concept, developed a set of design philosophy, and collaborated with Italian national design master Fabio Novembre to create original design bedding. Drawing inspiration from fairy tales, Mr. Fabio integrated the exploration of dream consciousness with artistic form, deeply into PerDormie's products, endowed the bedding with soul and thought, and designed the bedding for PerDormie with beauty, opening the exploration of the dream world.

In the balance between tradition and modernity, innovative DNA is integrated into the design. PerDormire bedding, originally designed by Mr. Fabio Novembre, is permeated with a strong Italian style design style. It conveys love and beauty to people, leads a new round of sleep aesthetics, and enables more consumers around the world to enjoy a romantic and exquisite Italian style life.