Smart terminal, double performance "PerDormie elite special training camp successfully ended




The home furnishing industry is surging, the retail market is changing rapidly, and the terminal competition is becoming increasingly fierce. At the moment, looking for ways to break the situation and solve difficulties outwards and looking for ways to improve themselves inwards are the power for terminal stores to break through the "bottleneck" and move steadily in this unpredictable market.

From June 11 to 12, a training on how to build smart terminals to achieve double performance, an exchange and sharing meeting to solve the problems of store operation, and an advanced journey of terminal store elites were carried out in the Shenzhen headquarters of Huasheng Grand Home Furnishing Group. The elites of PerDormire gather together for the common goal to accumulate knowledge and energy.

In this training, Watson specially invited a group of domestic and foreign guest lecturers and well-known training lecturers in the industry to gather the top marketing forces in the industry, build an elite team with super combat effectiveness for the terminal stores, tap the core energy of the brand, promote the increment of the terminal stores, and crack the core password to achieve the goal!

This is a high-level training in which dry goods are being exported every minute and every second. Students and management from major cities across the country learn, recharge, exchange and interact together, and share a two-day knowledge feast:

■From brand empowerment to product trend

■From the secret of store management to the absolute transaction skills

■From new retail model to smart store building


The whole process is hard core, the trainers are enthusiastic, and the students are enthusiastic, eager for knowledge and full of harvest.

Mr. Riccardo, who came from PerDormire's Italian headquarters to give the training, explained to the students the strength and charm of Italy's No. 1 bedding brand, rooted in the brand DNA, and deeply explored the unique brand assets.

Mr. Liu Yi, President of Huasheng Grand Home Group, summarized and shared his experience of more than ten years in the home building materials industry, comprehensively analyzed the store management problems, and combined with the terminal actual combat and trading experience to teach the secrets of business management, which won warm applause from the dealers present. At the same time, it revealed the new series of products for dealers, and brought benefits to the three major policies of Watson Group, supported terminal stores, and led stores to achieve leapfrog growth in performance step by step.

Mr. Yang Yihang, a senior trainer in the industry, deeply analyzed the problems encountered by the terminal in sales, analyzed consumer psychology, and taught sales skills, so as to improve dealers' practical ability, increase sales skills, and improve turnover.

The students are dedicated and conscientious, and actively absorb new knowledge nutrients. In addition, there are more courses on the improvement of store performance, the latest popular trends of products, etc., which will benefit the students on site.

After efforts and operations in the first half of the year, many PerDormire stores have achieved good results. At the end of this activity, the group headquarters commended and awarded the outstanding stores in China:

●Shenzhen Europe City Store: King Award for Best Sales Performance

●Wenzhou Store: Best Sales Forward Award

●Huizhou Store: King Award for Best Sales Performance

●Changsha Store: Best Potential Award

●Shanghai Store: Best Potential Award

●Guangzhou Store: Best Potential Award

●Taiyuan Store: Best Potential Award

●Chongqing Store: Best Potential Award

●Urumqi Store: Best Potential Award

PerDormire excellent store representatives shared their successful experience. Shenzhen store, Wenzhou store and Huizhou store shared their practical experience from different dimensions of excellent team building, field activities and quick signing skills, drawing on each other, encouraging each other and growing together.

This training not only promoted the elites, but also deepened their emotional exchanges. Learn together, harvest together, communicate with each other, expand thinking and vision, create better teams and performance with more effective methods, and enhance the competitiveness of terminal stores.

At the end of the training, the enthusiasm of the trainees has not diminished. I believe that this training will certainly provide more inspiration to the terminal stores, learn from practice, and stimulate the strongest fighting force!