Go straight to the Construction Expo | Capture the mind: the ultimate battlefield of business competition!




On July 8, the Guangzhou Construction Expo, known as "Asia's First Building Materials Exhibition", was grandly opened. The Italian bedding brand PerDormie (Putomiya), the first selling bedding brand, entered booth 07, Hall 4.2 of the Canton Fair, and started a battle to seize the mind.

In PerDormire Italian Sleep Pavilion, a brand's iconic red heart attracts countless eyes. Many exhibitors and dealers are attracted by this "heart". The crowd inside the booth is surging, and the on-site investment attraction is hot.

■Tens of thousands of times of communication volume, high popularity IP has seized the heart market

Mind is the ultimate battlefield of business competition. With the abundance of products, the explosion of information and the change of channels, the brand consumption mode has undergone tremendous changes. Consumers have become more and more dominant in brand consumption. To be selected by consumers, brands must be deeply rooted in the hearts of people. PerDormie starts from the "heart" and unlocks a new posture to attack consumers' minds.

The "heart" seen in the exhibition hall has spread from Italy to China, from online social media such as Facebook and Twitter to offline major cities, from Milan Furniture Fair, the Italian Basketball Tournament to the China Cup of the Asian Top Regatta. It is not only the brand symbol of PerDormire, but also a super "heart IP" that captures consumers' minds.

PerDormire's unique "heart" element runs through the whole process of brand marketing product, and penetrates the concept of "heart IP" into the strategic layout of each ring in the way of retail+experiential/scenario consumption, so as to build a perfect brand system and immerse consumers.

PerDormie's brand proposition of "all for sleep" and the brand culture of "Italian sleep aesthetics",And from a single IP core to a multi-dimensional extension of content exploration, we will continue to drive the brand voice, form a "hurricane" type of diffusion, quickly capture the minds of consumers, reshape the high-end competition pattern of the mattress industry, and win the terminal!

■Hundreds of billions of dollars of wind outlet industry, high profits seize the blue ocean of wealth

In the field of sleep, many terminal stores are facing such embarrassment:

On the one hand, the sleep industry above the tuyere is about to break out. The sleep crisis of 1/3 of the population has triggered a hundred billion level sleep health industry. In recent years, the sleep market has become the "sweet cake" pursued by various capitals. On the other hand, although the air vent has come, not everyone who waits for the wind can take off. Nowadays, consumers are becoming more and more picky, and the competition in the furniture and building materials industry is becoming increasingly intense. How to share a share of the 100 billion market and seize the blue ocean of wealth has become a new topic for operators to think about.

With the explosion of the 100 billion sleep market, PerDormie, relying on its beauty, strength, IP cohesion and high profits, has broken the ice and pain points of the industry and helped dealers capture the blue ocean of wealth.

The product matrix with high face value and high cost performance ratio, as well as the unique terminal operation mode, kept the terminal profit above 50%, and won many franchisees. The war for wealth was fully ignited!

The face value of the sleep products displayed at the PerDormire booth is attractive enough, and the imported series, luxury series, simple series, pet beds and other products form a powerful product matrix, which will show all the international trend healthy sleep products

The "Regina" jointly designed by the Italian national art design master FABIO NOVEMBRE presents the most representative Italian sleep aesthetics; The bedding products for China Cup, one of the top sailing events in Asia, bring infinite charm to the bedding products of the same type of sports champion; In addition, at the exhibition, PerDormire also brought a new pet bed specially customized for pets, and Mini compact pet bed added a unique landscape.

Not only does it have high face value, PerDormire's products also have strict quality. Product quality control that is higher than the industry standard, strict quality certification by European authorities, and constant criticism and test, only to bring better sleep.

Inheriting the "high beauty and high quality" gene of Italian style sleep, PerDormie sleep products, with more diversified choices and higher cost performance, meet the personalized needs of a new generation of consumer users, accurately attract target users, and open up a way to break the household industry with high profits and high sales volume, led by XinIP, spearheaded by brands and guided by products.

■Recommended by tens of millions of European families, high sales brands ignite the war for wealth

PerDormie, which originated in Florence, Italy, is almost a household name in Italy. It has repeatedly led the sales of Italian bedding, with boutique stores all over the streets of Italy, and has also become the cooperative bedding of 148 boutique hotels in Europe. Sleep products are popular among consumers.

PerDormie, founded by CASO (Caso) family, has been sold in more than 40 countries across 5 continents after half a century of inheritance, innovation, cultivation and accumulation, creating a new choice of healthy sleep for tens of millions of European families and becoming a leader of quality lifestyle.

After entering China, PerDormire, led by Watson, a household retail destroyer, led PerDormire to achieve a more extreme breakthrough in the field of sleep. It also has a dedicated and deep team to deeply cultivate the sleep industry, a mature and integrated supply chain for the whole industry, and a rich channel for attracting customers. It has the strength to escort every partner.

The excellent strength endows PerDormire with strong industry influence, market penetration and wealth attraction. It has attracted numerous fans at the exhibition site, becoming the focus of the industry competition and setting off a new round of wealth storm.

Every dream is worth caring for.

Therefore, we stick to our heart. This is the gene in our bones.

Therefore, we start from the heart, which is the only way to seize the heart market.