Dream Changer of Oriental Satellite TV, together with PerDormie, an Italian bedding brand, protects dreams with heart




The house with an area of 120 ㎡ has the serenity of high mountains and flowing water, the simplicity of rural countryside, the dreamlike feelings and the cuteness of cartoon images; Colored lamps with various decoration styles, colorful cabinets... The decoration style is chaotic, and the space utilization rate is low. How can such a "wonderful" decoration be saved? At 21:30 on the evening of October 16, the popular program "Dreaming of Transforming a Family" of Oriental Satellite TV, together with PerDormire Putomia, an Italian bedding brand, and Liang Suiming, a well-known architectural designer, personally carried out the rescue of the "wonderful decoration" residence, and created a "starting home" for Ms. Yu and her daughter, the owner of Shenzhen. Liang Suiming, the designer, with his ability to meticulously carve space and his attitude of keeping improving in product selection, once again made the client's dream come true through cooperation with PerDormire (Putomia) and other brands, which are imported from Italy.

Save the "wonderful flower" decoration and create a dream home

After surveying the site, Liang Suiming took the modern minimalist design as the keynote, and carried out a "surgical" transformation of the overall area of the house to unify the decoration style and improve the space utilization rate. At the same time, Liang Suiming also considered the client's interests and hobbies, and designed an open and close partition near the living room when planning the layout of the master bedroom space. In this way, the master bedroom can be used alone or connected with the living room into a suite.

In order to improve the fun of the daughter's room, Liang Suiming focused on the design of movable furniture, movable beds, hammocks, high and low furniture, and integrated the fun structure to create a "secret space" for the daughter's room.

Join hands with PerDormie to guard the dream

"In addition to keeping improving on hard decoration details, the selection of soft decoration and products also strictly controls the details."

Liang Suiming, the designer, selected the mattress product of PerDormire, the No. 1 bedding brand in Italy, in order to let the owners and their families have a comfortable and healthy sleep. According to the different needs of the mother and daughter of the client for sleep and the professional advice of PerDormie sleep consultant, the designer has equipped mattresses with different functions for the master bedroom, the second bedroom and the tatami, which is full of design sense, environmental protection and safety, and brings full care to the mother and daughter.

The master bedroom is equipped with PerDormire "Secret Garden" series mattresses, which are made of fine fabrics made of high-quality Australian wool, and are skin friendly and breathable; The natural honeycomb latex and nano activated bamboo charcoal sponge imported from Thailand can create a healthy and clean sleeping environment.

"The mattress in my daughter's room needs a stronger mattress, which will be better for her bone development." This is the wish of Ms. Yu, the client. In view of this, PerDormire specially customized the mattress of the "grow up with you" series, which has been specially hardened to protect the spine, so as to ensure the natural straightness of the child's spine during sleep, which is conducive to the growth and development of bones; Nano activated bamboo charcoal sponge is added in the mattress, which can absorb and degrade indoor dust impurities. With the help of natural latex imported from Thailand, the quality of daughter's sleep every night is improved.

All kinds of elements in the family space can become boosters to promote the feelings between children and parents. Liang Suiming specially designed a window tatami at home to record every period of leisure time. The mattress "Miss Cotton" used on the tatami is also specially customized. The pure cotton fabric moistened by rain and dew emits a natural fragrance. It is very comfortable no matter you sit or lie, bearing the happy mark of family growth.

A comfortable bed and a warm home are the places where dreams begin. PerDormie, an Italian imported bedding brand, guards for you, one happy and warm night after another.