Star Came to | Hong Kong Film Star Guan Lijie Airborne to Shenzhen to Support PerDormire Opening Ceremony




When the star arrived, the famous Hong Kong film star Guan Lijie gave his support to Italian imported bedding brand PerDormie! On October 26, the star opening ceremony of Shenzhen Guoanju (Bao'an Store) was successfully held. Guan Lijie came to the scene in person, and the fans came to the scene. The scene was full of people, and the atmosphere was very hot.

Mr. Deng Jianfeng, Deputy General Manager of Guoanju, Mr. Xie Aiming, General Manager of Bao'an Guoanju Shopping Mall, Mr. Liu Dong, General Manager of Bao'an Guoanju Decoration, Mr. Liu Yi, President of Huasheng Group, Ms. Ling Yaqiong, Deputy General Manager of Huasheng Group in Greater China, Mr. Wang Fan, Marketing Director of PerDormire Brand in Greater China, Ms. Wu Hanfen, General Agent of PerDormire Brand in Shenzhen, and other guests attended the event.

Deng Jianfeng, deputy general manager of Guoanju, spoke highly of PerDormire brand when he spoke at the event: PerDormire's products are popular in more than 40 developed countries and regions on five continents, and are favored by more than ten million consumers, which just shows that only brands that have experienced time training and consumer screening can truly enjoy public praise.

Italian luxury "captures" the male god Guan Lijie

In the middle of the activity, the famous Hong Kong movie star Guan Lijie came to the scene by air and appeared in a stiff suit, elegant and charming, which instantly ignited the atmosphere of the opening ceremony and fans came in droves. Guan Lijie presented two golden songs to his fans, which were affectionate and wonderful, causing constant screams.

When talking about the opportunity to cooperate with PerDormie this time, Guan Lijie said that he was a simple and low-key person in his life. He liked PerDormie's Italian style luxury style, healthy and environment-friendly bedding products very much. Later, Guan Lijie and other guests held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening of PerDormire Bao'an Guo'an Residential Store, and signed for their favorite mattresses.

When he walked into the store and personally experienced PerDormie bedding products, Guan Lijie shared that poor sleep quality is a common phenomenon nowadays. He used to have poor sleep because of acting, but with PerDormie bedding products, consumers' sleep problems will be greatly improved.

Thousands of people rushed back with full loads of benefits

In this opening activity, PerDormire was full of sincerity, and various benefits were provided without interruption. There were six luxury gifts in succession, including courtesy, on-site lottery, and one yuan pillow robbery. The hot atmosphere during the lottery also pushed the enthusiasm of customers to a climax. The original imported Italian mattress, 4K ultra clear intelligent TV, automatic intelligent oven, natural latex pillow and other awards were exciting, attracting cheers from the scene. From 2:00 to 7:00 in the afternoon, there was a huge crowd in front of PerDormire store. Nearly a thousand people went to the store to snap up, which was very enthusiastic and magnificent.

As the No. 1 bedding brand in Italy, PerDormie has always been committed to providing every user with a high-quality sleep experience. In terms of quality, it strictly controls the product quality; In terms of design, keep up with consumer demand and provide consumers with fashionable and personalized products. In PerDormire, consumers buy not only a mattress, but also a guarantee and reassurance! "One mind, care about you", PerDormire Bao'an Guo'an Anju Store will continue to bring good sleep to thousands of families!