PerDormire donated 15250 euros to ANT, Italy's largest public welfare organization, to provide free medical services for young patients




Recently, at the headquarters of Materassificio Montalese (Montales Group) in Italy, Paolo Luchi, global marketing director of PerDormrie, and Emanuela Caso, group financial director donated 15250 euros to the Italian ANT Foundation, all of which were used for the BIMBI project to provide free medical services for young cancer patients.

ANT Foundation is the largest public welfare organization in Italy. At present, 522 professional medical teams have been set up in 31 provinces of Italy to provide all-round free medical services for more than 130000 cancer patients.

In an interview, Paolo Luchi said: "PerDormie has always stressed the importance of health. I am very glad to cooperate with ANT this time, so that we can increase the well-being of those who are experiencing pain." At the same time, PerDormire also worked with ANT to carry out cancer prevention projects nationwide in Italy.