4 orders worth 3 million yuan, and the signing ceremony of PerDormire President, "Dream of China", won the first battle in Yantai




The first big play in winter, the signing ceremony of the president of PerDormie, Italy, "Dream of China", won the first battle in Yantai, Shandong Province on November 30! This activity was unprecedented in strength, with consumers swarming in, and the scene was full of people. 476 orders were obtained on the same day, and the performance exceeded 3 million.

On the day of the activity, many guests including Ms. Li Zhenzhen, Deputy General Manager of Red Star Macalline Yantai Building Materials Mall, Mr. Qin Simi, Planning Department of Red Star Macalline Yantai Building Materials Mall, Mr. Riccardo Palandri, Sales President of PerDormire Asia Pacific Region, Mr. Liu Yi, President of Huasheng Group, Ms. Ling Yaqiong, Director of Huasheng Group, and Mr. Zhao Hui, General Manager of PerDormire Yantai Store attended the activity.

Mr. Riccardo Palandri, Sales President of PerDormire Asia Pacific, flew to the site from Italy. In his speech, he said that PerDormire had served more than 10 million consumers in more than 40 developed countries on 5 continents during the 48 years of its sleep career. At this grand ceremony, PerDormie gave the most sincere feedback to customers, and also brought a warm gift to Yantai consumers with unprecedented preferential strength!

It is reported that in addition to the on-site signature and approval of the promotional price by the president, this activity also has multiple interactive rewards, including 100% gold eggs, gold bars, 5G mobile phone lottery, which is beyond imagination.

This time, PerDormire also married with other leading brands of home building materials to create an integrity alliance, full line linkage and all-round empowerment ceremony. PerDormire, together with Langjing bathroom, Lanshe diatom mud, Moganshan wardrobe, Huahe wooden door, Debei kitchen cabinet, kitchen integrated kitchen, one meter sunshine door and window, Shengguang lighting, Jinding ceiling, Jiusheng floor and other household building materials brands, brings consumers an unprecedented household feast with preferential strength and shocking force.

Long brand history, excellent product quality and professional customer service have been recognized by on-site consumers; Rich gifts and unprecedented profits have surprised customers. There was an endless stream of signers at the scene, which caused a rush to buy mattresses. In just a few hours, 476 orders were sold, with the amount exceeding 3 million! The ceremony ended successfully with a lot of praise.