Star airborne, thousands of people scrambled, PerDormire and Hong Kong famous movie star Tao Dayu ignited the opening ceremony in Nanning




On December 22, the second stop of the national tour for the opening ceremony of PerDormire's "Banging Stars" stars was opened in Fu'an Residence, Nanning, Guangxi. Tao Dayu came to the scene to ignite the warm atmosphere of the ceremony and witnessed the exciting moment of PerDormire with more than 1000 fans.

This is the second star opening ceremony of PerDormire nationwide. After the Shenzhen Station just ended, just over a month later, the ceremony went on again, bringing the Italian dream of sleep to one city after another!

At 14:00 that afternoon, Tao Dayu, the young male god, parachuted onto the scene, which instantly ignited the atmosphere of the ceremony. From "Big Dipper" in 1983 to "Imperial Court No. 1" and "Criminal Investigation Files", every character created by Tao Dayu has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Whether it is the supernatural police detective Zhang Dayong in the Criminal Detective Archives, the street hooligan Ding Yixie in the Great Times, or the business god Li Zhaotian in the Crossroads, it has left an indelible impression on the audience.

On the day of the event, more than 1000 fans of Tao Dayu surrounded the Fu'anju shopping mall. Tao Dayu is very friendly, and he sings for fans with deep feelings. The fans waved their hands together with Tao Dayu to sing the same song and applaud the enchanted male god. The scene was extremely hot, causing constant screams.

Because of the need of work, Tao Dayu often needs to stay up late to film, so he is seriously short of sleep. When Tao Dayu walked into PerDormire store, he exposed his heart after personally tasting the Italian mattress, and shared with fans the significance of good mattress for high-quality sleep: one third of life is spent in sleep, and high-quality sleep will make us wake up every day with full vitality. Tao Dayu also wished that fans could find the most suitable mattress in PerDormie and have the most comfortable sleep. At the same time, he took pictures with fans to ignite the atmosphere of the scene.

On the day of the event, many guests, including Mr. Ye Jian, director of Fu'an Residential Group, Ms. Chen Congcong, president of Fu'an Residential Group, Mr. Li Mowei, general manager of Nanning Fu'an Residential Group, Ms. Mo Xizhen, general manager of Nanning Fu'an Residential Group, Mr. Liu Yi, president of PerDormire Greater China, Mr. Dou Yiquan, general manager of PerDormire Nanning Fu'an Residential Store, and Ms. Wei Shiping, deputy general manager of PerDormire Nanning Fu'an Residential Store, attended the event.

Mr. Ye Jian, director of Fu'anju, said in his speech that PerDormire, an internationally renowned Italian bedding brand, will provide high-quality sleep experience for owners in Nanning.

Mr. Liu Yi, President of PerDormire Greater China, also made a speech, saying that PerDormire is an Italian bedding brand with a history of 48 years, providing professional bedding services to more than 10 million consumers in more than 40 developed countries on five continents. The original intention of this activity is to let more friends experience the pure Italian sleep quality, and let PerDormire's professional and high-quality products and services enter thousands of households.

In addition, this activity also prepared an unprecedented opening gift for guests, signing and approving special price, crazy gift of gold bars, 5G mobile phone lottery... to present the most favorable products and most thoughtful gifts to owners in Nanning. Signing orders on the spot is one after another, continuing the strong performance of previous activities, and achieving double growth in word of mouth performance.

In the future, while providing more fashionable and professional products, PerDormire will also continue to strengthen the user experience, advocate a healthy lifestyle, and guard everyone's healthy sleep!