Bedding "Xinsheng Style", the Italian top seller PerDormie, has entered China strongly





At present, China has the largest middle class in the world and has gradually become one of the fastest growing wealth markets in the world. The development of the new middle class has released huge potential for consumer demand. The world's bedding giants have turned their eyes to China.


PerDormire, a famous and old European brand and Italian bedding brand that had previously been absent from China, will also start China's strategic layout this year. Following the layout of more than 40 developed countries in five continents, including France, Germany, Spain, London, Singapore and Australia, PerDormie will officially appear in China at the 24th China International Furniture Exhibition (Shanghai New International Expo Center) in September this year.


This bedding brand, which once led Italy in sales, not only has a long standing reputation in the home furnishing industry at home and abroad, but also has its own place in the art industry, design circle, and social media. For 15 consecutive years, it has become a guest of honor at Milan Exhibition. With its own temperature and heat, it is deeply supported by European people. From celebrities to the general public, it is all conquering and popular.



Introduced by the "new species" of the home furnishing industry, Watson Grand Home, and jointly built with Italian MATERASSIFICIO MONTALESE S.P.A (Montales Group), PerDormie, a gold absorbing sharp tool, has injected a new force into the Chinese home furnishing industry, and digs for the booming new generation of consumer market.


From the group of Mateassificio Montalese S.P.A

Since1971, founded by the Caso family, a Florentine handicraft family


PerDormie, which means "everyone's sleep guardian" in Italian, was founded by CASO (Caso) family, a handicraft family, and belongs to Materassificio Montalese S.P.A. Its headquarters is located in Florence, the capital of art. With MADE IN ITALY's production technology, innovation spirit, professional technology and sleep technology, PerDormie has become a successful model in the industry. At present, it has a modern production and research and development base of more than 20000 m2, with a daily production of 3000 mattresses. Its products are sold well in Europe, Asia, America, Africa, Oceania and other overseas markets.




5 continents, 40 developed countries

Dream Choice


After half a century of unremitting efforts, PerDormie has gradually moved from Italy to the world, won the recognition of consumers in more than 40 developed countries on five continents, and has more than 350 stores around the world, delivering excellent products, healthy sleep and the pursuit of quality of life to all corners of the world.



Guests in the main hall of Milan Exhibition for 15 consecutive years

Presenting world avant-garde aesthetic design


As the highest level of furniture and home design in the world, Milan Furniture Fair is the vane of the design industry. The "Olympic" grand event in the furniture industry represents the forefront of international design and the annual "pilgrimage" of the furniture industry. As a regular visitor of Milan Exhibition, PerDormie constantly attracts the attention of the world with cutting-edge bedding design.



FABIO NOVEMBRE, an international art and design master in Italy

cross-border cooperation


PerDormire has cooperated with Italian art design master FABIO NOVEMBRE to create original design series bedding works Luna, Nuvola, etc., and open the exploration of the dream world.


He used to be the designer of AC Milan headquarters and Lamborghini building. The famous works Nemo mask chair and Her&Him chair are popular all over the world. Mr. FABIO, with the unique artistic acumen and design talent of Italians, has integrated the exploration of dream consciousness and artistic form into PerDormie's product series, giving bedclothes soul and thinking.




Popular social networks at home and abroad

Heart IP


Before that, there were few real super IPs in the home furnishing industry. PerDormie successfully filled this gap. The unique "heart" IP was popular at home and abroad, not only in Italy, but also in more than 40 countries around the world. "Heart" has become the exclusive symbol and pronoun of PerDormire, and has been delivered to all corners of the world with the warm care of the brand. The super "heart" IP, which is popular all over the world, will undoubtedly become the most valuable tool in the home furnishing industry.


This "heart" IP is not only a symbol, but also represents the temperature of PerDormire. While protecting people's sleep, PerDormie will often hold public welfare activities, such as heart disease assistance, to convey the brand's love; Or sponsor outdoor sports, basketball games, etc., and advocate a healthy and upward lifestyle.


In November this year, PerDormire will join hands with Asia's top sailing event IP "China Cup" to jointly create a maritime IP feast. With the "PerDormire" sailing, XinIP will also set off a huge wave in the home furnishing industry.





It ranks first in sales in Italy and has a long reputation in the world. Such a bedclothes darling is becoming popular all over the world. With the upgrading of domestic consumption, this PerDormie from Italy exudes a strong historical heritage and humanistic art atmosphere, restoring the original Italian design and lifestyle, meeting the supply gap brought about by the upgrading of domestic consumption, bringing bedding products that meet the personalized aesthetic, high quality requirements and exceed the price expectations, and digging a new middle market. The future is promising.


Looking at the current competition and pattern of the bedding industry in China, there are few brands that can integrate the fashion labels such as Italy's top avant-garde design and social IP. PerDormie can be said to be a veritable "psychological school" in the bedding industry. It is just the right time to seize the market in China's home furnishing market, which is in urgent need of emerging forces!