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Italy imported bedding brand

From Materassificio Montalese S.P.A Group

PerDormire originated in 1971 and was founded by the family of CASO (Casso), belonging to the MATERASSIFICIOMONTALESE S.P.A (Montales Group, Italy) and headquartered in Florence, Italy.

PerDormire Italian means "everyone's sleep guardian."

With more than 20,000 square meters of modern production R&D center, PerDormire mattresses are born every day. Through 350 boutique stores in more than 40 countries around the world, we have excellent products, healthy sleep and PerDormire's pursuit of quality of life. Care for people is passed on to every corner of the globe.

  • 1

    Italy's sales of the first bedding brand

  • 47

    Made in Italy for 47 years of tradition

  • 3000

    Produce more than 3,000 mattresses per day

  • 40

    Exported to over 40 countries

  • 350

    More than 350 stores worldwide

  • 148

    Exquisite choice of 148 hotels

Everyone's sleep guardian

“We spend about one third of our lives in bed. For this reason no detail of the design, construction and finishing of PerDormire mattresses is left to chance. Every choice, every solution adopted every material used go to demonstrate the desire for quality that only a company with solid craft roots stores in its DNA has.”

PerDormire Michele Caso

PerDormire's research and development department has conducted in-depth research on each product, from core materials to fabrics, from ergonomic analysis to stitching of the sleeves, in an effort to perfection. To allow customers to experience a natural sleep, PerDormire researches how to refine and utilize soy fiber and organic plant essential oils to study how to make natural flax fibers more breathable, skin-friendly and durable.

Every design detail, every production process is firmly in control; each material selection, each solution is reflected in the product, bringing customers a better sleep enjoyment. Respect our heritage, respect our customers, employees and partners and respect the natural environment in which we live. Day after day, year after year, we adhere to such values.

It is our mission to bring a good sleep experience to every user.

International skin-friendly product certification

European first-class anti-combustion household product certification

European skin-friendly gel material product certification

Hotel sector for France

British quality ft system certification

PerDormire products have been awarded: OTEX-TEX skin-friendly certification by international textile institutions, CE certification by the European Union, "LGA Pruf Zertifikat" certification by Bayer Medicine, "BS 100 certification" in the UK, and authoritative skin-friendly certification for the gel industry

"CATAS" and so on dozens of world-class product quality and safety certification. Many products have received the “Medical Device” certification for the health products of the Italian health group, which proves that the use of PerDormire products is really healthy.

European high standard certification

Every product of PerDormire meets stringent quality standards and has a high standard of certification.

Biotechnology Formula Medicine

Italian medical and academic institutions designate cooperative research units

Global cutting-edge biotechnology company, once served in F1 events

Medical institution Bayer medicine

Medical institutions, their business cooperation projects and services
With international standards and values